Luthione contains glutathione, an antioxidant that prevents cell damage caused by reactive oxygen species. This product is designed to solve the problem of unwanted skin pigmentation, leveling the tone and improving its overall condition. Luthione also enhances the body’s immunity by stimulating the elimination of toxins by the kidneys.


Product scope:

age spots (including age pigmentation), freckles

dull, dry and dehydrated skin

the first signs of aging (wrinkles, folds, loss of elasticity and sagging skin)

post-acne scars and other skin defects (rosacea, stretch marks)

enlarged pores

skin whitening, get rid of yellowish skin tone

The drug has contraindications and can only be used by a certified cosmetologist. We are not responsible for the negative consequences of independent use.

Benefits of Luthione:

deep hydration of all skin layers

the drug has a prolonged action

contributes to the improvement of the body as a whole

does not cause allergic reactions and has no other side effects

effective in the fight against skin imperfections (post-acne scars, rosacea, age spots)

Luthione is used for mesotherapy.

Additional information

Luthione Inj. 1200mg

10 ampoules × 1200 mg per pack


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