The cannula is an atraumatic needle made of a special alloy of surgical steel, which ensures its flexibility, strength and harmlessness. Its structure is of key importance for the low painfulness of the cosmetic procedure. It is arranged in this way:

  • The stem is very thin and soft;
  • The tip is blunt and rounded;
  • The opening for the introduction of the solution is located on the side.



What does such a device give?

First, the risk of injury to blood vessels, nerves and muscle fibers is reduced (the tip does not cut tissue, but pulls them apart). Secondly, the pain from manipulation is significantly reduced.
How is the cannula used in cosmetology?
With its help, cosmetologists naturally align the oval of the face, eliminate wrinkles and furrows, and perform injections to moisturize the dermis. They are indispensable in procedures for rejuvenating the skin on the temples, cheekbones, eyebrows, around the eyes, nose, chin, jaw line, neck and arms.

With the help of this plastic needle, the following problematic aspects of cosmetology are solved:

  • The chances of damaging the nerve bundle and causing vascular embolization are reduced;
  • After the procedure, bruises and bruises are less common;
  • the solution is injected more evenly, and the effect looks more natural;
  • Reducing pain during manipulation;
  • The rehabilitation time is reduced;
  • Possibility of lifting sensitive areas.

Cannulas for contouring

In the correction of the contours of the face and body, these plastic injection tools are used for the following manipulations:

  • Restoration of elasticity of the skin of the face, neck, chest area;
  • Increase of individual zones;
  • Correction of asymmetric areas;
  • Smoothing superficial and deep wrinkles.

If the beautician owns the technique of using them at a high level, then the transformation will not be long in coming.

Mesotherapy using cannulas

Mesotherapy for the face involves the introduction of various solutions into the skin for rejuvenation. This procedure is quite painful, especially in sensitive areas. The use of the cannula allows the beautician to easily get to the desired area, without causing severe pain. For example, during mesotherapy around the eyes, only one superficial puncture of the skin is made for deep insertion of a flexible cannula needle. Then the solution is painlessly distributed in the right places.

Cosmetology has received another universal tool to ensure the comfort and safety of cosmetic procedures. Its use reduces the use of standard needles, which cause a lot of inconvenience during and after salon procedures.

Cannulas are classified according to diameter, length, flexibility and material of manufacture and are marked accordingly:

Cannulas 18G – are used for volumetric plastics with preparations with a high level of density. They are used to correct the lower facial part, align the oval of the face, and correct congenital cosmetic defects. This type of cannula is suitable for injection in the most sensitive areas, where delicate exposure is especially important.

22 G – suitable for the use of high viscosity preparations for the correction of the cheeks, middle part of the face, chin folds.

25G – cannulas for high viscosity drugs. Used to eliminate deep forehead wrinkles, to tighten the skin in the neck and décolleté area.

27G – designed for low to medium viscosity products. Indispensable when working with the most delicate areas: lip area, areas around the eyes.

30G – suitable for drugs with the lowest viscosity used in contouring of the forehead, temples, bridge of the nose, lips.


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