Miracle Touch-Up Skin Boosters

• Included: 1 x 5 vials

Miracle Touch-Up Skin Boosters

• Country of Manufacture: South Korea

• Uses: Skin Tightening & rejuvenation

• For use by: trained professionals

• Courses Available: mesotherapy



Miracle Touch-Up Skin Boosters

The main advantage of Touch Up is that helps collagen rejuvenation with solubilized PCL. Touch UP is a specialized dermal filler skin booster designed to repair mature and damaged skin. Touch UP plumps up the skin in a way that creams and other moisturizers simply cannot do and gives an all-round tone to the skin. Touch UP is designed to improve the skin’s quality by boosting hydration levels deep inside the skin and increasing its smoothness, elasticity and firmness.

• Lifting

• Moisturisation

• Wrinkle Improvement

• Anti-Ageing


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