Exoblanc EXOSOME – contains exosomes obtained from cell cultures and is designed to improve the condition of the skin. In particular, exosomes can stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, enhance the barrier function of the skin, improve its texture and tone, and reduce signs of aging.



Indications for use:

EXOSOME consists of lipid bilayer cell membrane components that same as human body with high tissue permeability.It reaches deep into the skin through lipids between pores, sweat glands, and keratinocytes. Exoblanc exosome synthesize collagen in the dermal layer and significantly increase the production of extracellular matrix factors that promote skin rejuvenation.
Increase of hair follicles with deep roots and healthy condition.
Exoblanc exosomes lengthen the time during which hair remains in the growth phase so that healthy hair can persist for a longer time, and shorten the time during which the catagen phase reaches the telogen phase so that new hair can grow faster.
Strengthening the skin barrier and moisturizing
The elasticity of the skin was confirmed on the skin epidermis model (KeraSkin ™ )

Additional information

Exoblanc EXOSOME

HA 1 bottles 5 ml,1 bottles powder 50mg


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