Gouri is a premium collagen stimulator that increases the rate of collagen synthesis, which is reduced due to skin aging. It is the first all-liquid PCL (polycaprolactone) injectable that rejuvenates the skin through collagenesis. In addition, it is naturally distributed throughout the face.



Gouri is based on the unique CESABP (Collagen Enabled Solubilized Active and Biodegradable Polymer) technology, which activates the skin’s natural collagen regeneration without the use of microparticles. Compared to hyaluronic acid, PCL has a longer lasting cosmetic effect. It is homogeneously soluble in water and therefore has a smooth and acceptable extrusion force.


Distribution: distributes and regenerates collagen naturally

Easy to use: just 10 injection points for the entire face

Natural and sustainable results: restores the rate of collagen synthesis and rejuvenates the skin

Method of Application:

Gouri should be injected evenly into the dermal or subcutaneous layer on the face only. It can be injected with a 30 to 35 G needle. For optimal results, 3 sessions are recommended 4 weeks apart. Additional 1-2 treatments can be applied after 3 sessions at 3-6 intervals, depending on the patient’s condition.


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