Melsmon Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Japan

Package details: Melsmon 50 vials X 2 ml each.

Active ingredient: human placenta hydrolysate, sodium hydroxide – to pH 7.0, water d / and less than 2 ml.



Melsmon creates a particularly pronounced whitening effect of the skin, removes senile and dyshormonal pigment spots. This effect is achieved due to the marked recovery of epidermal cells. Thus, Melsmon from Japan allows to achieve a stable and long-lasting whitening effect of the skin due to the regulation of cellular metabolism

  • Strengthens the function of internal organs and promotes cells’ rejuvenation,
  • Stimulates haematopoietic function,
  • <span”>Restores the normal function for hormone production,</span”>
  • Enhances the growth of mammary gland,
  • Improves circulation of blood,
  • Accelerates skin regenerations after injuries.

Melsmon has significant visible whitening and firming effects on the skin.

  • Increases light reflectance, inner “luminescence” of skin,
  • Restoration of trophics, considerable reinnervation,
  • Extension of tissue breathing 5-7 times,
  • Eliminates hyper pigmentation,
  • Intensive revascularization,
  • Regeneration of epidermis cells.

100% genuine Japanese product



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