Nabota is a South Korean drug to combat expression wrinkles. It is a muscle relaxant of peripheral action, an analogue of Botox. The product is based on botulinum toxin type A. It is a poisonous substance produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. It is intended for denervation of muscle tissue in case of uncontrolled muscle tone or active facial expressions.

Nabota is indicated for the temporary improvement of the appearance of the upper respiratory tract (forehead lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines) in adults. Nabota is indicated for the prevention of headaches in adults with chronic migraine.



Main advantages:

  1. Differs in a high level of security
  2. Does not “freeze” facial expressions
  3. Acts quickly
  4. The resulting effect lasts for at least six months

Purpose of the product:

Botulinum toxin Nabota is used in cosmetology.
-Smoothes out wrinkles formed as a result of excessive facial expressions and spasticity of muscle fibers.

  • Treatment of upper limb spasticity in adult patients (CoR approved)
  • Transient improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe lateral angular lines associated with orbicularis oculi activity in adult patients (CoR approved)
  • Treatment of dystonia-related blepharospasm in adult patients (KR approved)

Application Area

Face (glabellar, periorbital and perioral zones) to eliminate mimic lines and folds
armpits, palms for the treatment of hyperhidrosis

Production: South Korea


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